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Eurostar Trains

Eurostar Passenger Trains - Find the best deals and the best prices for the Eurostar

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Eurostar operate the passenger trains that run through the Channel Tunnel. They go from London, Ashford or Ebbsfleet in England, to Paris, Lille, Calais, Avignon, Eurodisney, Brussels and over 70 European destinations. London to Paris takes 2 hours 15 minutes, and fares start at just £69 return and to Lille just £65.

The cheapest deals and biggest choice of tickets can be found at the official Eurostar web site.

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Note: Please take care to book your route the correct way round. Eg: When travelling from UK, select Folkestone to Calais.

Eurotunnel is the quickest way to cross the Channel.  Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes. Overnight tickets start at £44 return. For longer stays, Standard single tickets are from £49 single.

All fares are per car, including all luggage.

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Easy, fast and comfortable. Who needs the car!

You can travel in style with the Eurostar passenger trains, direct from London to central Paris in just 2 hours 15. Prices start at just £69 return. There's plenty of room for luggage, plus there will be no traffic jams and stressful driving. You can even treat yourself to a little drink on the way!

Eurostar trains also run from Ashford and Ebbsfleet in England, to a range of destinations including Paris, Brussels and Eurodisney. In fact the list of destinations is almost endless, and includes over 70 towns, cities and resorts in France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. See our page on European Train Holidays here.

Visit the official Eurostar website for the best deals and prices. They have the largest choice of tickets and the best range of fares available.

There's More to Eurostar than London to Paris!

Eurostar offer connecting trains to over 70 European destinations. So you could combine a stop over at Paris with a few destinations to make the perfect family holiday. You could move on to sunny southern France, or enjoy the wines of Burgundy or Bordeaux, or the seaside towns of Biarritz or La Rochelle. You could even venture into Belgium and see the wonderful historic town of Bruges, or further afield into Germany and visit Cologne! Who needs cars!

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Get the Best Deals - Book Ahead

Remember: You MUST book in advance to get the best Eurostar prices, and always book direct with Eurostar at the official Eurostar website here.

For the lowest priced fares, aim to book a Standard fare ticket. It also pays to travel on the off-peak trains - peak time trains will be more expensive.

About the Eurostar Trains

Eurostar trains are the high speed passenger trains that travel through the Channel Tunnel from England to France and Belgium. If you are taking your car, you will need the Eurotunnel trains here.

The Eurostar train services run from St Pancras Station in central London, Ebbsfleet and Ashford International. Eurostar train destinations include Paris Gare du Nord in the centre of Paris, Brussels Midi, Lille, Calais, Avignon and Eurodisney.

Ticket prices start at just £69 return and the train from London to Paris takes just 2 hours 15 minutes, and London to Brussels 1 hour 51 minutes. Check-in and boarding is quick and there are no long waits of airports transfers Ė Eurostar is a quick and comfortable way to get from England to mainland Europe.

Fast and Comfortable - the best way from England to France

From the minute you arrive a London St Pancras station, taking the Eurostar train is a wonderful travelling experience. The Eurostar trains are roomy and comfortable Ė just sit back and watch the English countryside, the Channel Tunnel and then the French countryside flash by. All the trains are non-smoking, offer air conditioning and of course toilets onboard, as well as bar, buffet and dining facilities. With the Leisure and Business class tickets, you even get dining service at your table! You can then arrive, relaxed and refreshed at your destination. The Eurostar train service is one of the most comfortable and relaxing ways to travel, certainly compared to budget airline travel, yet Eurostar prices arenít expensive.

Eurostar Seating and Leg Room

There are 766 seats on a Eurostar train. Business Premier and Leisure select seats are of course the largest. These seats have 94cm of legroom and are 66cm wide (armrest up). The standard class seats have 84cm of legroom and are 47cm wide.

Eurostar trains and luggage

You take your own luggage with you on the Eurostar train rather than as with the airline, checking it for the flight. There are overhead luggage racks above the seats and also luggage racks at the end of each carriage. You can have up to 2 items of luggage per person, plus 1 small item of hand luggage. If you have large items, such as bicycles, these are dealt with by Eurostar who can also handle luggage for groups.

Eurostar & Environmentally friendly travel

Travelling by Eurostar is more environmentally friendly than travelling by air. Research has shown that flying between London, Paris and Brussels generates 10 times more greenhouse gas emissions than travelling by train. If you want to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum, then take the Eurostar trains.

Eurostar Trains from Around UK

Eurostar trains travel from London St Pancras, Ashford and Ebbsfleet. But you can buy tickets that will take you all the way from your local station to Paris and beyond. Eurostar refer to these train tickets as "Through Fares". The Eurostar Through Fares enable you to travel from your local regional station, such as Leeds, Brighton, Manchester, Liverpool or Nottingham... to a destination in mainland Europe.

Trains to Europe

There's more to the Eurostar than just London to Paris. You can take trains to Calais, Lille, Avignon, Eurodisney, the French Alps and Brussels, but also make connecting journeys to destinations across Europe, including Amsterdam, Cologne, fact all across Europe

Eurostar Train Tickets

Eurostar offer 3 types of fares or tickets, referred to by Eurostar as "Travel Options" - Business Premier, Leisure Select and Standard.

Business Premier on Eurostar

Business Premier offers various extras for the Business traveller, such as choice of seat in dedicated business class carriages, a dedicated ticket office and check-in area for speedy boarding, business lounges, onboard power sockets, excellent food and drink, magazines and newspapers.

Leisure Select

Leisure Select is similar to the Business Premier, but aimed more at the holiday maker rather than business traveller. Leisure select offers various extras such as excellent food and drink served to you at your seat / table, larger seats than standard class, dedicated carriages, magazines and newspapers.

Standard Tickets

Standard travel on Eurostar is still very comfortable, and offers good bar and buffet facilities, family areas and a 30 minute check-in. If you are after the cheaper fares, you will need to book Standard class.

London St Pancras

Donít forget, Eurostar trains now leave from the glamorous London St Pancras, not London Waterloo. London St Pancras has had an amazing facelift, and now has a true international feel thanks to the Eurostar trains with trains departing for Paris, Lille, Eurodisney, Brussels and beyond!

St Pancras Station - Eurostar Trains to Paris

How to find the cheapest fares for Eurostar

    1. Book well in Advance: To find the cheapest deals you should book online, in advance.
    2. Avoid peak Times: Try to avoid travelling during peak times. This will give you a better chance of finding the cheaper deals.
    3. Travel Standard Class: Eurostar offer standard, Leisure Select and Business Premier. The Standard class fares are the cheapest (the basic return ticket from London to Paris is £69). A Leisure Select fare offers extra comfort, but costs more.
    4. Set Your Journey Times: The cheaper tickets for Eurostar are usually for set journey times, and are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. In other words, you must travel on the times / days you specify when you book. Flexible fares will always cost more.
    5. Book Direct: Eurostar sell their tickets direct, and you will be hard pushed to find better train tickets. They operate the trains, so will of course have the best fares and largest range of tickets available.
    6. Packages: If you need a hotel, and perhaps tickets for Eurodisney, then consider Eurostar's package deals - there are some great bargains to be found, and who should know more about European city breaks than Eurostar!

If you really MUST take the Car...

If you want to travel by car to France and beyond, the quickest option is to use the Channel Tunnel "car trains". It takes just 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais. Prices start from just £49 per car for a Standard single fare. In a car of 4 people, prices work out at only £12.25 per person! Click here to find the best prices and book online.

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