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Dover to Calais

The Dover to Calais route is operated by P&O Ferries and SeaFrance Ferries

The Dover to Calais is one of the busiest ferry crossings, and is operated by P&O Ferries and Sea France Ferries. The Channel Tunnel trains also run to Calais, but from Folkestone, which is near Dover. There are alternatives to these busy routes, such as Dover to Dunkirk or Dover to Boulogne.

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P and O Ferries

P & O Ferries offer more ferry crossings to France than anyone else, with up to 23 crossings between Dover and Calais every day. Crossing times are 90 minutes.

The cheapest fares start at 30 per car for a single journey. These fares can only be found if you book ahead, travel at off peak times. Compare all ferry and tunnel prices using our ferry price comparison above.

Seafrance Ferries

SeaFrance Ferries travel between Dover and Calais around 15 times per day. Crossing times are said to be a little quicker than P&O Ferries, at around 1 hour 15 minutes.

The cheapest fares start at 29 per car for a single journey. Also consider a day trip fare, which will be even cheaper if you book ahead, plus SeaFrance offer multi ticket Carnet fares whereby you can purchase several tickets at once for future trips. Great for frequent travellers. The best fares are limited, so you will need to book early to get the cheapest tickets.

Where is the Calais Ferry Port?

The Calais ferry port is perfectly located for all onward travel through France, Belgium, Holland and beyond. The port is found just off two major motorways in northern France, the A26 and the A16.

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Driving from Calais to Paris and Eurodisney?

If you are driving to Paris or Disneyland Paris, then Calais is one of the better placed ports, as it is directly on the A26. This motorway can take you quickly to the A1 south to Paris. Driving from Calais to Paris takes around 3 hours. Click for more about driving to Disneyland Paris.

Other ports such as Boulogne and Dunkerque (Dunkirk) are also very close to the French motorway network and well placed for driving to Paris and Eurodisney.

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Channel Tunnel - the fastest way to cross the Channel

If you want to travel by car to France and beyond, the quickest option is to use the Channel Tunnel "car trains". It takes just 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais. Prices start from just 49 per car for a Standard single fare. In a car of 4 people, prices work out at only 12.25 per person! Click here to find the best prices and book online.

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The cheapest Channel crossings are by ferry. Single fares can be found from as little as 19 per car. Compare ferry and channel tunnel prices here...

Easy, fast and comfortable. Do you really need to take the car?

You can travel in style with the Eurostar passenger trains, direct from London to central Paris in just 2 hours 15. Prices start at just 69 return. There's plenty of room for luggage, plus there will be no traffic jams and stressful driving. You can even treat yourself to a little drink on the way!

Eurostar trains also run from Ashford and Ebbsfleet in England, to a range of destinations including Paris, Brussels and Eurodisney.

Visit the official Eurostar website for the best deals and prices. They have the largest choice of tickets and the best range of fares available.

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Dover to Calais