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Channel Tunnel Train

Going by Car?

The Channel Tunnel train for cars and motorbikes runs from Folkestone to Calais in about 35 minutes. There are around 37 trains from Folkestone to France per day. The Channel Tunnel car train runs almost 24 hours a day. There are up to 4 trains per hour during peak times. Channel Tunnel prices offer great value for money although many ferry prices can be cheaper. Booking your Channel Tunnel tickets couldn't be easier. See below, or click to book Eurotunnel...

Not Taking the Car?

The Channel Tunnel trains for passengers are operated by Eurostar and run from London to Paris in just over 2 hours, and Brussels in 1 hour 50 minutes. Prices start at just 69 return, London to Paris. Many other destinations are available, including Lille, Calais, Avignon and Eurodisney. In fact the list of destinations is almost endless, and includes over 70 towns, cities and resorts in France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. See our page on European Train Holidays here.

Visit the official Eurostar website for the best deals and prices. They have the largest choice of tickets and the best range of fares available.

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Note: Please take care to book your route the correct way round. Eg: When travelling from UK, select Folkestone to Calais.

Taking the car? Eurotunnel is the quickest way to cross the Channel.  Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes. Overnight tickets start at 44 return. For longer stays, Standard single tickets are from 49 single.

All fares are per car, including all luggage.

All tickets are booked securely through our partner Leisure Direction, one of the largest ferry and tour agents in UK.

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Eurostar operate the passenger trains that run through the Channel Tunnel. They go from London, Ashford or Ebbsfleet in England, to Paris, Lille, Calais, Avignon, Eurodisney, Brussels and beyond. London to Paris takes 2 hours 15 minutes, and fares start at just 69 return, and 65 to Lille.

The cheapest deals and biggest choice of tickets can be found at the official Eurostar web site.

Taking the car? Use our booking form to find the best Channel ferry and tunnel prices.

Channel Tunnel Train - the choice for motorists

The Channel Tunnel trains have been specially designed with the motorist in mind. They have easy "drive on, drive off" ramps, are well lit, and are nice and roomy - ample space for cars and all vehicles.

Check-in procedures are very easy quick, as is boarding. And once you arrive at the destination terminal, you can simply drive off the train and be directly on the motorway system within minutes.

"Spacious trains and easy boarding - from Folkestone to Calais, crossing the Channel couldn't be easier"

No need to worry about the weather. The Channel Tunnel trains run whatever the weather, unlike the ferries. Nobody will have their trip ruined should the weather turn nasty. Plus, there's no need for sufferers of sea sickness to worry; the Channel Tunnel trains offer a smooth ride, no matter how big the waves in the Channel.

Remember: You MUST book in advance to get the best Channel Tunnel Prices. And it also pays to travel on the off-peak trains (between 10pm and 6am). Peak time trains will be more expensive. Click here to book the Eurotunnel...

About the Channel Tunnel Train

The Channel Tunnel (Le Tunnel sous la Manche in French) provides the link between UK and France. It is just over 31 miles long, running on average 150 feet under the English Channel (la Manche in French), from train terminals at Folkestone in southern England, and Calais (specifically Coquelles)  in northern France.

It is not possible to drive your car through the Channel Tunnel. Instead you will need to board your car (or van, motorhome, minibus or motorbike) onboard one of the Channel Tunnel trains, operated by Eurotunnel. Using the Channel Tunnel train with your car couldn't be easier. The Channel Tunnel trains are super fast car trains taking thousands of passengers and their cars between England and France via the Channel Tunnel every day.

Eurotunnel have 25 Shuttle trains (sometimes known as Le Shuttle) that can board cars, vans, motorcycles and coaches (see photos and video clips below). The Channel Tunnel train carriages can accommodate tall vehicles, including cars with roof rack boxes, but the height of your car (including roof box) must be specified during booking.

Fastest way to cross the Channel

There are plenty of other ways to make a Channel crossing (compare ferry and tunnel prices here), but the Channel Tunnel is the fastest. Journey times are just 35 minutes (average ferries take almost 90 minutes). Boarding is quick and easy, and disembarkation to the main French road network is smooth and efficient. Once the Channel Tunnel train has delivered you safely to France, you simply drive off the train and directly on to the French road network.

The Channel Tunnel terminals at Folkestone and Calais are purpose built for modern travel and transportation and are very easy to find and get to by car. Folkestone is on the M20 motorway in Kent, and even has it's own motorway junction! The Calais terminal is very close to the A16 Motorway in France, which will lead you on to all the major routes for France and the continent.

Channel Tunnel Train

Onboard the Channel Tunnel Car train

Cross the Channel with the Channel Tunnel train without even leaving your car. Once on board the Channel tunnel train, sit back and relax. There are toilets on board, even a radio station with all the latest news and travel updates. Drive straight off at Calais, and directly on to the French road network at the A16 Motorway. You'll be glad you took the Channel Tunnel train!. Find the best prices and book securely online here...

Boarding the Channel Tunnel Car Train

Boarding and check-in with the Channel Tunnel trains is very easy. Staff are always at hand to guide you, but once through check-in, you will simply drive your car or motorbike along the platform until you come to your designated boarding ramp. The ramps are easy to drive onto, then once on board, you need to drive slowly along the train carriage as far as you can. To get more of an idea of how the Channel Tunnel trains operate, we selected some useful video clips from Channel Tunnel motorists.

Disembark the Channel Tunnel Train at the Calais terminal and drive straight on to the main French road network:


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