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Channel Tunnel Fares

How to find the Best Channel Tunnel Fares

Before you find the right fare, decide whether you need the Eurotunnel (with the car or motorbike) or Eurostar (passenger only) train fares.

Journeys by Car across the Channel

Eurotunnel operate the car trains through the Channel Tunnel, between Folkestone (near Dover) and Calais. Journey times take 35 minutes. It is not possible to drive your car through the Channel Tunnel - you must take the Eurotunnel train.

There are 2 main Channel Tunnel fares to choose from when you take the Channel Tunnel train.

  • Standard Fare - with set travel times
  • Overnight Fare - for short stay trips
  • Prices start at 44 return for an Overnight fare, and 49 Standard single. Book Eurotunnel tickets here...

    To get the best prices, there are 2 simple rules:

  • Always book in advance
  • For standard tickets, travel at a quieter time to get the best deals.
  • Mix and Match Channel Tunnel Fares

    To keep the price down, you could book a Standard single fare for one leg of your journey, and a Flexiplus fare for the other. Many cross-Channel travellers like to have flexible travel times for their return journey, so they aren't under pressure to make a set train time. After a long time travelling across the continent, it's comforting to know you can just hop on the next available train, whatever time you arrive by car. Book Eurotunnel tickets here...

    Mix and Match Ferry and Tunnel Tickets

    Ferry fares are cheaper than Channel Tunnel fares, for example P&O and SeaFrance ferry fares start at around 30 for a single trip. But it's possible to mix and match ferry and tunnel tickets. Use our ferry and tunnel comparison here to find the best single fare prices. That way you can compare all Channel crossing prices in one go and find the right ticket and journey for your needs. Perhaps plan a slower (but cheaper) outward journey by ferry with a faster return using the Channel tunnel. This way the price will balance out and your journey needn't be expensive at all!

    Compare all Channel ferry and Channel tunnel prices here...

    Journeys without the car

    If you are travelling without the car, then the best option is to go by Eurostar train direct from central London, or Ashford or Ebbsfleet. Eurostar run the passenger services, with amazingly quick journey times (just over 2 hours from London to Paris). Plus, the trains travel from and to the centre of the cities, so no airport transfer, or lengthy airport check-in times.

    There are 3 fare types available

  • Standard - Fares start at 69 return, London to Paris
  • Leisure Select - comfortable seats, onboard dining - like an airline "Club Class"
  • Business - The most flexible (and expensive) tickets
  • Visit the official Eurostar web site to get the best choice and prices for Eurostar fares

    How to get the best Eurostar fares

    To find the cheapest price and the cheap tickets, you will need to look for a few things when booking your Eurostar train ticket:

  • Book well in advance
  • Book a Standard Class fare
  • Choose from the non flexible tickets, preferably a return ticket
  • Book direct with Eurostar - they have the largest choice of cheaper tickets available
  • Visit the official Eurostar web site to get the best choice and prices for Eurostar fares

    Choice of Channel Tunnel fares with Eurotunnel Trains

    Which Channel Tunnel Fares are available for cars with Eurotunnel?

    There are different ticket types and fares available. Below is a summary of the various ways you can get the best Channel Tunnel deals:

    Eurotunnel Standard Fare

    The Standard fare for the Channel Tunnel starts at 49 for a single trip, 98 for a return. The 49 price is available for the off peak times - usually 10pm to 6am - and only if you book well in advance. Booking closer to your time of travel, and travelling at busy, peak times means your tickets become more expensive. Click here to book Eurotunnel tickets.

    Overnight Fares

    Currently these are some of the cheapest Chunnel fares. If you plan to stay in France for just 1 night, then fares can be as low as 44 per car for a single journey. Click here to book Eurotunnel tickets.

    Any Extras?

    Unlike many of the cheaper airlines these days, there are no hidden costs in the fares for the Channel Tunnel. All your luggage allowance is included in the price, as is the tax. The Channel Tunnel fare you pay is per car no matter how many people (a maximum of 9) or how much luggage (unless you are buying a ticket specifically for foot passengers, cyclists etc). This makes the Channel Tunnel crossing perfect for taking a group of friends or all the family, along with all your golfing, camping, ski, or cycling equipment.

    For the best Channel Tunnel deals, click here to book Eurotunnel tickets.

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