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Channel Tunnel Crossings

Channel Tunnel Crossings offer the quickest way to get from England to France.

The Channel Tunnel crossing for cars uses speedy trains specially designed to take vehicles, and takes just 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais, whereas typical ferry journey times are 90 minutes.

"Just 35 minutes to cross the Channel. The Channel Tunnel crossing is the motorist's choice"

Channel Tunnel prices are a little more expensive than the various ferries (compare all prices below). Standard single fares start at 49 per car when travelling at off peak times (these are often the best times to go anyway, as the roads are quieter). Book in advance to get the cheapest prices.

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Not taking the car? Then travel direct from central with the London to Paris train, or London to Brussels train, with Eurostar. These passenger trains also run from Ashford and Ebbsfleet, and to various destinations in Belgium and France, including Disneyland Paris. The Eurostar passenger trains are very fast and offer a comfortable travelling experience, especially compared to budget airlines. But the prices offer just a much value for money - just 69 return to Paris!

Visit the official Eurostar website for the best deals and prices. They have the largest choice of tickets and the best range of fares available.

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Note: Please take care to book your route the correct way round. Eg: When travelling from UK, select Folkestone to Calais.

Driving to France? Eurotunnel is the quickest way to cross the Channel. Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes. Overnight tickets start at 44 return. For longer stays, Standard single tickets are from 49 single.

All fares are per car, including all luggage.

All tickets are booked securely through our partner Leisure Direction, one of the largest ferry and tour agents in UK.

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Compare all channel crossings, by tunnel or ferry. To find the best deals, always book well in advance and travel at off peak times where possible.

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Eurostar operate the passenger trains that run through the Channel Tunnel. They go from London, Ashford or Ebbsfleet in England, to Paris, Lille, Calais, Avignon, Eurodisney, Brussels and beyond. London to Paris takes 2 hours 15 minutes, and fares start at just 69 return.

The cheapest deals and biggest choice of tickets can be found at the official Eurostar web site.

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"Channel Tunnel Crossings with Eurotunnel - the motorist's choice for crossing the Channel"

Not only is the tunnel the quickest way to make a Channel crossing, it's also one of the easiest and most reliable. It has easy and fast boarding, with terminals directly at the main motorway systems. And Channel Tunnel crossings will never be affected by the weather - no more cancelled ferries or unpleasant journeys on rough seas.

Remember: You MUST book in advance to get the best Channel Tunnel Prices. And it also pays to travel on the off-peak trains - peak time trains will be more expensive. Click here to find the best deals for the Channel Tunnel...

Channel Tunnel Crossing - how it works

The Channel Tunnel is the link between UK and France. Using the Channel Tunnel is very easy. The trains (and tunnel) run from Folkestone (near Dover) to Calais.

There are 2 types of trains running through the tunnel: Channel Tunnel trains are fast "car trains" taking thousands of passengers in their vehicles between England and France via the Channel Tunnel every day. Alternatively, Eurostar run the passenger train services from central London to Paris or Brussels.

Channel Tunnel Boarding and Terminals - Car Trains

The Channel Tunnel car trains run from Folkestone to Calais. Boarding with your car at the Channel tunnel is quick and easy, and disembarkation to the main French road network is smooth and efficient.

Prior to boarding the the Channel tunnel train you will pass through both UK and French Customs and Passport controls which means that once the Channel Tunnel train has delivered you safely to France, you simply drive off the train and directly on to the French road network.

The Channel Tunnel terminals at Folkestone and Calais are purpose built for modern travel and transportation. Both are very easy to get to by car. Folkestone is on the M20 motorway in Kent, and Calais is very close to the A16 Motorway in France.

Channel Tunnel Train Times

The Channel Tunnel crossing is the fastest cross-channel journey, and you arrive on the continent in only 35 minutes. The Channel Tunnel car trains travel almost 24 hours a day. Cheaper fares are available on the off-peak trains - generally speaking, trains that travel from between 10pm and 6am from Folkestone, and between 10pm and 6am from Calais. Times are subject to change and availability.

Channel Tunnel Fares

The Channel Tunnel fares structure also offers you good value, giving you cheaper fares when you plan ahead and travel at quieter times. There are no fuel supplements, airport taxes or luggage restrictions! It certainly is the hassle-free way to travel from England to France. Click here to find the best prices for Channel Tunnel crossings...

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