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Where to find Channel Tunnel Tickets

To make sure you find the cheapest Channel Tunnel tickets for cars, use the Ferry comparison site here. They have the full range of fares and tickets, at the best prices, plus you can compare Channel tunnel prices with ferry fares.

"Always book tickets in advance and travel at a quieter time to get the best deals"

It takes just a few minutes to book, but it is worthwhile as all the cheapest Channel Tunnel tickets can be found if you book in advance.

Not going by Car?

If you want to take the train direct from London to Paris or London to Brussels, then you need to visit Eurostar for the best deals and prices on trains. Click here to book...

If you are looking for the cheapest Channel Tunnel tickets, the are 2 simple rules to remember:

Avoid the peak time trains (this can work in your favour anyway, as the roads will be quieter and your journey quicker). Even if you have to travel at peak times for one journey, eg: your outward journey, you can still book an off-peak train for your return journey.

ALWAYS book in advance. If you leave it until the last minute, or even just turn up, you will be charged a much higher price. Click here to book in advance...



channel tunnel tickets

There are several different fares available for the Eurotunnel trains which take you and your car through the channel tunnel. Below is a summary of the various ways you can get the best Channel Tunnel deals:

Standard Channel Tunnel Tickets
The standard fare for the Channel Tunnel train starts at 49 for a single journey. Buying a single fare also gives you the choice of how long you need for your trip. You can buy the fare as a single, or to get the best ticket prices, buy two singles in advance, to make up a return journey.

The 49 price is available for the quieter, off peak times. Busy, peak times become more expensive.

FlexiPlus Channel Tunnel Tickets
A FlexiPlus ticket allows you the chance to use the benefits of the Check-in lounge facilities and priority boarding.

But best of all, the advantages of the FlexiPlus ticket mean that, should you arrive at the departure terminal early (or late!) you can travel on the next available departure and amend your ticket at no extra cost. 

It is possible to buy a Standard fare ticket for one journey and a FlexiPlus Fare for the other journey.

No added extra costs
There are no hidden costs in the prices for the Channel Tunnel, unlike many of the low cost airlines these days.

Tax is included in the price, as is ALL the luggage. The price of your ticket is per car, no matter how many people or how much luggage.

For the best prices on Channel Tunnel tickets, click here....